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Making an ATIPP request

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The ATIPP Act gives individuals the right to access records that are in the possession or under the control of a public body.


Types of Requests

Informal Requests
Formal Requests


Comparison of Formal and Informal Requests

Formal Requests Informal Requests
Deadline Legislated requirement to provide information within 30 calendar days Information is provided when it is operationally feasible for the branch or work unit to compile and review it for release
Right of Review Applicants may request a review, from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, of the department's decision to refuse disclosure of information No right to request a review with the Information and Privacy Commissioner.
Costs Over and above the first three free hours, applicants are asked to pay for photocopying and hourly rate for locating, retrieving, and producing a record and preparing it for disclosure. No charge for informal requests unless there is other legislation that allows for it. (eg. driver's abstract)
Applicability of ATIPP Act The principles of the ATIPP Act must be applied to both formal and informal requests.

Contact the ATIPP Coordinator for the public body you are seeking information from to determine whether a formal ATIPP request is needed.


Informal Requests

When possible, public bodies should provided individuals with access to most information and records without having to submit a formal ATIPP request.

The list below contains examples of records that are routinely available.

  • Publications
  • Brochures
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Information about government programs and services
  • Records usually available through other legislation or programs.
    (for example, certificates, licenses, etc.)

There is no fee for informal requests.

However, if your informal request is denied, you can make a formal request.


Formal Request

You can complete a request form outlining which records you want, and indicating to which public body you would like the request directed. If personal information is being requested, or if you need assistance in completing a request form, it is best to submit the request form in person directly to the ATIPP office. Bring picture identification with you when requesting personal information.

The ATIPP office will assign a tracking number to your request, and activate it by forwarding it to the ATIPP coordinator in the public body that has the desired record.

The ATIPP Act specifies that applicants will receive a response within 30 days. This period of time may be lengthened because of circumstances as laid out in section 11 of the act, or due to the need for an extension of time for any of the reasons as laid out in section 12 of the Act.


Correcting Personal Information

If the information held by public bodies is incorrect, persons submit a Request for Correction of Personal Information Form to the ATIPP Office.

Your identity will only be disclosed to staff who need the information to perform the duties of their job and the disclosure is necessary and proper to carry out the organization’s functions.


How Public Bodies handle ATIPP Requests

Each designated public body has an ATIPP Coordinator who is responsible for responding to requests and the following duties:

  • Works with applicants, as needed, to clarify the request.
  • Prepares an Estimate of Costs if necessary.
  • Conducts a search for relevant records within the public body.
  • Reviews the records to see if any exceptions are applicable.
  • Ensures a response is provided within the time limit.


What if your formal request is denied

You can request a review of the public body’s decision to refuse your request in whole or in part.

For more information regarding the reasons to request a review, or for details on how to request such a review, contact the Office of Yukon’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, which is the oversight body that conducts such reviews.



The applicant does not pay a fee to submit an ATIPP request.

However, applicants may have to pay the cost to process a formal request if the response will take over three hours to locate, retrieve and produce the responsive records.

Before charging a fee for records, public bodies must provide an estimate of costs, to be approved by the applicant.


List of Services and Fees



(a) For locating, retrieving, and producing a record and preparing it for disclosure, and supervising the applicant’s examination of it

$25.00 for each hour after the first three hours

(b) for producing a record from a machine readable record

$25.00 per hour

(c) for transcribing a record manually

$25.00 per hour, or actual costs, whichever is less

(d) for shipping copies of a record

Actual costs, in excess of $10.00, of shipping by the method chosen by the applicant

(e) for copying records

  • photocopies and computer printouts
  • $.15 per page for either letter (8 ½ x 11”) or legal (8 ½ x 14”) size
  • $.25 per page for other sizes
  • records in all other formats
  • actual cost to public body

Waiving Fees

The records manager may, at the request of an applicant and after consulting the public body, waive all or part of the fees payable if the records manager is satisfied that:

(a) payment would impose an unreasonable financial hardship on the applicant or the person on whose behalf the applicant is applying; or

(b) the request for access relates to the applicant’s own personal information and waiving the fees would be reasonable and fair in the circumstances.

To determine if fees will be waived, the records manager may ask the applicant

  • to provide documentation outlining the person's financial resources and expenses, and/or
    [Applicants may provide additional documentation they consider relevant.]
  • to narrow down the request, reducing the workload and cost for processing the request.


ATIPP Office Staff & Contact Information

ATIPP Office Contact Information

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Fax:        (867) 393.6916
Email:     atipp@gov.yk.ca 


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