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What does the ATIPP Act do for me?

The ATIPP Act ensures that every individual has a right to access information and to protection of their privacy in information held by public bodies.

Yukon’s ATIPP Act guarantees:

  • access to records in the custody and control of Yukon government departments and designated public bodies, with certain exceptions;
  • access to an individual's own personal information and the right to request correction of wrong information;
  • privacy of personal information in the custody or control of public bodies;
  • protection against unauthorized collection, use, disclosure, or disposition of personal information; and
  • independent review of decisions made by public bodies about access and privacy.


What type of information is accessible?

  • Your own personal information
  • Records dealing with all aspects of government operations


What type of information is not accessible?

There are certain types of personal and government program information that are not accessible, such as:

  • personal information about other individuals; and
  • information that could
    • cause a person or a public body to make or lose money;
    • be a threat to public safety;
    • interfere with law enforcement; and
  • Cabinet records for up to 15 years.


How public bodies must respond to requests

The act prescribes in detail how a public body will respond to access requests from the public.

Obligations include the following:

  • Duty to assist,
  • Time limits,
  • Provisions for charging fees,
  • Liaison with a central contact point, the “Records Manager”,
  • Consultation with third parties, and
  • Exceptions and exemptions.


Government's obligation to protect personal information

Obligations regarding government's handling of personal information:

  • When and how personal information can be collected,
  • What personal information can be used for,
  • Retention of personal information after it is used for a decision,
  • Protection and disclosure of personal information, and
  • Handling and recording requests for correction to personal information.



The act applies to all records held by:

  • Yukon government departments
  • Yukon Energy Corporation
  • Yukon Hospital Corporation (including Whitehorse General Hospital and Watson Lake Hospital)
  • Yukon Housing Corporation
  • Yukon Liquor Corporation
  • Yukon Lottery Commission
  • Yukon College
  • Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board
  • Child and Youth Advocate
  • Designated Agency under the Adult Protection and Decision Making Act
  • First Nation service authority designated under the Child and Family Services Act

The act does not extend to municipal bodies, and explicit exclusions in the act cover the Legislative Assembly, electoral officers and courts.

Note: Certain legislation is paramount to the ATIPP Act. Learn more about Legislation Paramount

ATIPP Annual Reports

The annual report provides a summary of formal access requests by:

  • public body,
  • type of applicant,
  • request disposition, and
  • processing times.

Print copies are available upon request.

Annual Reports

ATIPP Office Contact Information

Phone:    (867) 393.7048
               1 800 661 0408 ext. 7048 (in Yukon, NWT and Nunavut)
Fax:        (867) 393.6916
Email:     atipp@gov.yk.ca 


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