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Public Listing - Access to Information Requests

By publicly posting program requests, the Yukon government seeks to increase public awareness of current issues.

Only the summaries of requests will be posted. Requests that are still in progress will not be posted until they are closed.

Access to information requests

Accessing responsive records

Submit a request for responsive records for requests listed above.

Note: When submitting your request, ask for “copies of responsive records for A-XXXX” (cite the ATIPP file number).

Types of access to information requests

  • Request for program information - Information related to the delivery of government projects or programs. For program requests, applicants' names and contact information will continue to remain confidential.
  • Request for personal information - Information that an individual requests about themselves from a public body. Access to information requests for personal information will continue to remain confidential.

Cost of accessing responsive requests

If there was a cost associated with the original request, and you are requesting the same set of records, there will be no cost associated with locating and preparing the records a second time.

There may be a cost for photocopies (at $0.15 a page) for large requests.

What are do the various responses mean?

Response Meaning
Granted in full The responsive records were released in full
Partly granted The responsive records were released in part; information in some records was not released in accordance with the ATIPP Act
Refused Access was refused in accordance with the ATIPP Act
No records found No responsive records were found pertaining to the request
Withdrawn/discontinued The applicant withdrew or abandoned the request or the Records Manager has declared the request abandoned